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Top 6 Free Wifi Hotspot Software For Windows 10

WIFI Hotspot

Wifi Hotspot is basically a Virtual Router which lets you share your connected wifi connection through your windows PC or Laptop. it can also act as a repeater/booster. I would like to take you through a few WiFi Hotspot software that are capable of turning your windows PC to a virtual router. These are software I trust to give you the best outcome.

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1. mHotspot

mHotspot is a WiFi Hotspot software that is well known for the multiplayer gaming option that it provides to the user. Two computers or devices can be connected using the WiFi and gaming will be smooth and lag free. This is just a secondary feature of this software, the primary being providing a strong uninterrupted WiFi signal for the user to use and it performs this function very efficiently.

It has ability to identify the connected devices, restrict connections by setting strong passwords and also acts a good repeater to boost the range of your router’s signal.

Key Features: 

  • Efficient and Reliable.
  • Facilitates smooth multiplayer gaming.

mhotspot techreview


2. HostedNetworkStarter

Hosted Network Starter is a free to use Tool By Nirsoft for creating Wifi hotspot in the easiest way. This is the most simplest tool available till date to turning your PC into a Virtual Router. You can use it in windows 7/8/10 with 32 or 64 bit computer. The best thing about this tool is that its a portable tool so you don’t have to install it , just download it and run. You can also save this tool zip in your USB to use it anywhere.

Key Features: 

  • Fast, Simple, Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Supports Windows 7 & Windows 10

hostednetworkstarter Virtual Router forWindows


3. MaryFi Wifi Hotspot

MaryFi is another great WiFi hotspot software for your Windows computer which allows internet connection sharing (ICS) effortlessly. And, the fact that it is completely free of cost and is also compatible with Windows 7/8/10 PC is an added advantage.

The user interface of MaryFi is simple. It offers a clean user interface with only the basic elements added to it rather than creating any unnecessary clutter. It applies the similar approach to its features where you would get only those options that are essential for creating a wifi sharing hotspot network.

Key Features: 

  • Clean user interface
  • Free to use
  • Supports Windows 10

maryfi virtual router


4. MyPublicWifi

MyPublicWifi is another free to use user friendly and extremely simple WiFi hotspot software. It is not only available for free of cost, but is also compatible with all Major Windows version starting from Windows server 2008, Windows 7 to Windows 8 and Windows 10. Additionally, MyPublicWiFi also is available for both 32bit and 64bit processors helping it run effortlessly on devices using Windows. Besides these, MyPublicWiFi also offers a host of other features:

Key Features:

  • Simple Interface without any clutter.
  • Provides access to shared files across multiple devices.
  • Acts an efficient repeater/booster allowing the availability of WiFi signals throughout an area.

MyPublicWifi Virtual Router for Windows


6. OSToto Hotspot

OSToto is a favorite Wifi Hotspot creating software to many users. It is simple to use and has a very efficient interface. It allows a user to manage the devices connected to it by allowing him to rename the devices, allowing blacklist them to prevent them from accessing the WiFi. The software, however, does not provide the feature of sharing videos or other files. It provides a good range to the Wifi it creates and the signal is also strong and quite reliable.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and Simple Interface.
  • Ability to connect multiple devices.
  • Easy tracking and blacklisting of devices connected.

160wifi techreview wifi hotspot software


7. Baidu Wifi Hotspot

Baidu WiFi is very easy to install, installation taking less than a minute and compatible with all Windows version. It’s multilanguage software, having 6 languages including Portuguese, Spanish etc in which the app can be used and can also be used to send files and to receive files from phones apart from acting as an efficient and powerful WIFI hotspot creator.

Key Features:

  • Easy and Efficient UI.
  • Easy To Install.
  • Allows transfer of files to and from a phone.
  • Good efficient reliable WiFi signals.

Baidu Hotspot software for Windows PC


We think any of these 6 free wifi hotspots should suffice your need to create a free wifi hotspot on your Windows PC. If you think there is some better software available on the internet, please let us know in comments below and we would be glad to include it in our list.


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