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Netflix App Testing A Variable Playback Speed Option

by DarkCoder

Netflix App New Speed Feature

Netflix is currently testing a variable playback speed option, the potential to speed up the playback of media is well-liked by users who love audiobooks. While it makes them able to devour more content rapidly. When it comes to listening to slow-paced stuff or if you have a narrow time to listen, this is certainly useful feature.

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A new feature being tested with Android users might be of interest if users are not able to assign time in their busy timetable to compress in a binge-watching period on Netflix.

Moreover, some users of Android have found a new variable playback speed option in the video playback menu, according to the androidpolice. You will be able to slow playback speed 0.5x or 0.75x or increase it to 1.25x to 1.5x if you press and hold it.


This feature, when used with video, might appear a little cruel but this is the thing about testing, right? Users would be intended in watching a video at a speed up rate it would feel comically unusual and demolish concentration the narrator is looking to create, nevertheless, to each their own.

Additionally, it may have been in play for a week or on and on, it is still not sure when this variable playback speed option went reside even if found on Twitter mentions. Even now do you notice on your Android devices this variable playback speed option?

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