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Top 6 : Best Micro SD Card For Music Storage in 2019

by DarkCoder
best micro sd card for music storage in 2019

If you are looking for a SD card on which you can save your precious Songs collections and playlists then you are at the right place. SD card is a really small piece of hard card having capability of saving up to 7,000+ songs. it is portable and you can carry it easily. just insert your micro SD card in any supported device (i.e speaker, car , phone etc) and play your favorite Music anywhere anytime. We have compiled a list of best micro sd card for music storage so you can store huge amount of mp3 songs and can play whenever you want, wherever you want.  So without wasting anymore time, Lets get started.

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1. Samsung Evo Select – Best Overall

best micro sd card for music storage

This micro SD card can boast of fast read and write speeds that can reach up to 80-100 MB/s. It has 128 GB of capacity which is enough for 17 hours of Full HD video, can store up to 11,500 songs or 27,600 photos. Besides, this microSD card is compatible with all micro SDHC cards as well as wide range full-sized SD applications and card readers.

Samsung MicroSD EVO Select is also great storage for 4K UHD videos, photos, HD music and other large files. And note that having such high speed it can transfer all your files very fast and efficiently. Add to this 4-proof protection and also you will get a durable card that will keep your data safe from water, high/low temperatures , short circuit or any other dangerous conditions.

Key Features:

  • High Speed
  • Durable Design
  • Great Compatibility

2. SanDisk Ultra SDXC Micro SD Card

micro sd card for music storage techreview sandisk

If you have Android-based smartphone or tablet and want sd card for that, then pay attention at this micro SD card SanDisk sd card are one of the best sd card for music storage on your android device. 

Its speed can reach up to 90 MB/s. In other words you can transfer up to 1200 photos or up to 100 songs in just one minute. it’s rated A1 for faster performance and Class 10 for Full HD video and music. As well as the previous model SanDisk Ultra Micro SDXC is a durable microSD card. It is shock-proof, short circuit proof and water-proof. Besides, it can survive in extremely low or high temperatures and the affect of X-rays. This microSD card also comes with a 10 year limited warranty offered by manufacturer. 

Key Features:

  • Rated A1 Performance
  • High Compatibility
  • Water and Shock Proof

3. Silicon Power 3D Nand Superior Pro

memory card for songs

The most important characteristics of an Micro SD card is speed and capacity, and Silicon Power 3D NAND Superior Pro microSDXC has proved to be very good in both departments. It is available in four storage sizes (64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB) and offers solid maximum speed of up to  (100MB/s sequential read speed and 80MB/s sequential write speed) that in reality are a bit lower; nevertheless, still highly competitive with the rest of the bunch.

Silicon Power 3D NAND Superior Pro microSDXC comes with a limited five-year warranty and complies with all the latest speed standards such as A1, U3 or V30, and altogether presents a perfect option for 4K video capturing or playing high quality music. It is dust-proof, waterproof, shock proof, X-ray proof, and it offers great compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Great Value For The Money
  • Fast Performance
  • 5-Year Warranty

4. PNY Elite-X Micro SD

microsd card for music storage

If you are looking for a cheap option for your music storage then PNY Elite-X Micro SD card is an optimal option for you. This is a Class 10 card that complies with U3 standards and, depending on the capacity, offers maximum sequential read speed of 90MB/s (32GB and 64GB cards) or 100MB/s (128GB and 256GB cards).

Higher storage capacity cards (128GB and 256GB) also comply with the V30 and A1 standards and as a result present even better overall value, especially when considering the GB per dollar ratio. All PNY Elite-X Micro SD series cards come with an good quality SD card adapter, both card and adapter are waterproof and dustproof, which goes along with their overall great durability.

Key Features:

  • Great Value For Your Buck
  • Good Overall Performance
  • SD Card Adapter

5. Transcend Premium 400X

transcend premium sd card

This Transcend micro SD is a budget-friendly card. So, if you don’t need a professional or very high performing micro SD card, then have a look at this Transcend Premium 400x. It is compatible with all devices that have micro SD, microSDHC or microSDXC slot. Thus, it’s a nice option for smartphones, cameras and tablets. The card won’t offer you high speed but you can count on the average performance of up to 60 MB/s.

Transcend Premium 400x supports U1 and is compatible with Class 10 as well hence giving good overall performance. This card is not good for 4k or 3D video recording but its good enough for those who use sd card for their music collection. Like the pre-cited Transcend microSD card, this one is also provided with ECC and exclusive RecoveRx software.

Key Features:

  • Great Build Quality
  • Environmental Protection
  • Budget Friendly

6. SanDisk Extreme Micro SD Card

sandisk extreme techreview microsd

Another great micro SD card is SanDisk Extreme microSD U3 A2. It comes with 160MB/s read speed, allows you to transferring large files such as 4K UHD videos or High Quality FLAC music files. But keep in mind that it is compatible with only those devices which support such a high speed level.

As to the write speed, this micro SD card provides up to 60MB/s – 90MB/s depending on the card storage capacity. SanDisk Extreme microSD U3 A2 has a solid, sleek build quality and can withstand low and high temperatures as well as X-rays. What is more, this model is waterproof and shock-proof. There is also SanDisk Memory Zone app which makes file management rather easy.

Key Features:

  • Amazing Performance
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Affordable Price


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