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Best HDMI Cable For 4K TV – Top 5 Picks Of 2021

As you might be aware, recently the latest standard of HDMI was announced called HDMI 2.0. It brings a lot of improvements including higher frame rates, better support for 4K UHD content, a number of other features that are designed to make the format future proof and to get the most of out of it you going to need a best hdmi cable for 4K TV or Blu-ray player, gaming PC, ps4 pro etc.  With so many options available in the market, one can easily get confused when choosing the best HDMI cable to purchase for their 4K UHD HDR TV. Despite most of these cables looking almost similar, they are vital disparities in their models and designs that you should watch out when purchasing one.

Quick Comparison Of Best HDMI Cables For 4K UHD TV - Our Top 5 Recommendations

Atevon High Speed HDMI Cable For 4K TV18-GbpsGold Platted Connector,Nylon Outter BodyLifetime
AmazonBasic 4K TV HDMI Cable18-GbpsGold Platted Connectors, PVC Outter Body Lifetime
Fusion4K HDMI Cable For Apple 4K Smart TV18-GbpsNylon ShieldedLifetime
Belkin Ultra High Speed 4K HDR HDMI Cable48-GbpsDurable Build Quality2-Years
Syncwire HDMI Cable For 4K TV18-GbpsGold Platted Connectors, alu Mylar Foil & Aluminum BraidingLifetime

The best HDMI cables designed for 4K TV can withstand to the extensive stress testing, won’t break down due to repeated plugging/unplugging and can provide stable connection, transmitting UHD content without causing any lag or stutter, preserving quality of video. With those facts in mind, we present the best ultra high speed HDMI cables for 4K HDR devices on the market available today.

 If you are in a hurry, we would recommend you getting Atevon UHD HDMI Cable for your 4K Smart TV, considering its high compatibility, amazing build quality, good performance and quite affordable.

1. Atevon High Speed HDMI Cable For 4K TV – Best Choice

4K HDMI Cable 6ft (2-Pack) - Atevon High Speed...
  • High-speed Data Capacity: Atevon High-Speed HDMI Cable...
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed for all devices with HDMI...
  • Best Immersive Viewing Experience: 24K High-quality...
  • Ultra Durability Design: Built with premium durable zinc...

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  • Perfect for 4K UHD content
  • DTS HD & True Dolby TrueHD supported
  • Electromagnetic interface protection
  • HDMI 2.0 standard supported
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Need to make sure that it’s hooked up securely at all times

Atevon HDMI 4K cable is designed to be compatible with all devices which have an HDMI 2.0 standard and also reversely compatible with HDMI 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 standards making it one of the best hdmi cable for 4k TV. It’s an ultra high-speed data cable that supports up to 18Gb/s transfer rate in the HDMI 2.0b port, supporting UltraHD 4K 2160p (up to 60 Hz 4:4:4),  up to 144HZz QHD 1440p, Hot plugging among others. This is one of those cables using which you can enjoy lag free movies and games on your 4K HDR TV. This cable is made entirely of pure copper, and the connectors are made of gold to prevent corrosion hence leading to high durability and efficiency over the years.

This product can deliver crystal clear TrueHD sound, 32 channel audio and flawless 4K imagery thanks to it braided 28AWG cord.  You’ll enjoy sharp picture quality and theater quality audio right in your living room with this 6 foot HDMI 2.0 cable. The zinc-alloy shell around the copper provides a high level of shielding from outside electromagnetic interference and the nylon sheathing is attractive and make this product durable. It is possibly one of the best hdmi cable for smasung 4K TV or other brands.

2. AmazonBasics Braided HDMI Cable For 4K UHD Smart TV – Best Overall

Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI Cable (18Gbps,...
  • IN THE BOX: 10-foot nylon braided HDMI cable (A Male to A...
  • DEVICE COMPATIBILITY: Ideal for connecting Blu-ray players,...
  • 4K VIDEO: Meets HDMI standards 4K video at 60 Hz, 2160p,...
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE: Works with earlier versions to allow...

Last update on 2022-05-21 / Amazon Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Affiliate, i earn from qualifying Purchase

  • High quality nylon braided
  • Perfect for HDTV & HDR use
  • Corrosion resistant gold-plated connectors
  • Not HDMI Certified

AmazonBasics cables are affordable and offer a variety of options, having length of up to 25 feet. This product is top of the line products and meet all the latest HDMI standards. This cable support 4K video at 60hz, a 48-bit color depth and having bandwidth speed of up to 18 Gbps.

The cable is a great option for those who wants the job done, while on a tight budget. Despite being very affordable this cable is still capable of delivering high bandwidth of up to 18Gb/s meaning 4K image support as well as 60Hz refresh rates, making it one of the ultra high speed hdmi cable. This product don’t have an official HDMI certification but it is CL3 rated meaning it’s made with low smoke materials which makes it to resist fire. This cable feature pure copper conductors, triple shielding and gold-plated connectors. These features ensure reliability and durability of the product.

3. Fusion Highspeed UHD HDMI Cable – Best For Apple 4K TV

Fusion4K High Speed 4K HDMI Cable (4K @ 60Hz) -...
  • 4K ULTRA HD RESOLUTION (4096x2160 and 3840x2160) provides...
  • 18 Gbps ULTIMATE HIGH SPEED RATED providing enough bandwidth...
  • HDMI 4K CABLE SUPPORTING HDMI 2.0, 2.0a, 2.0b which...

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  • Heavy Duty Design
  • HDMI 2.0b, 2.0a standard supported
  • High Compatibility
  • 4K HDR Supported
  • A little heavy for you if you prefer lightweight cable

Just like the HDR cable, this Fusion 4K is another recommended hdmi cable UHD TV. It produces a wide range of colors, but in a more richer and deeper form. The white produced through this cable is much brighter than the most cables out their, and the black color is quite darker and deeper especially on an OLED such as Apple 4K tv. These color enhancements together with its ultra 3D audio combination provides an excellent viewing experience.

The cable has high transmission characteristic and its support up to 18Gbps bandwidth speed enabling high-quality transmission of both audio and video makes it one of the best hdmi cable for apple 4k smart tv or Samsung OLED tv. This cable is also compatible with all kinds of devices such as PC, PS4, PS3, 4K TV etc. The product also supports both HDMI 2.0a and 2.0b standards. It is pretty durable and has solid build quality. Its connectors are protected making it less prone to wear and tear. Fusion4K spared no expense with this HDMI 2.0 cable, and made sure that all of the common points of failure which were reinforced.

4. Belkin Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable For 4K Smart TV – Best Performance

Belkin Ultra HD High Speed HDMI 2.1 Cable, Optimal...
  • HDMI 2.1 Ultra HD Certified by Authorized Testing Center...
  • A quantum leap from 18 Gbps (HDMI 2.0) to a whopping 48 Gbps
  • Supports optimal bandwidth and speeds for Gaming, Streaming,...
  • Supports optimal performance for Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5)...

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  • Perfect for 8K UHD content
  • High quality ensuring stable connection
  • HDR 10 supported
  • Pricey

This belkin hdmi cable for 4k tv is thin, flexible and ideal product for normal entertainment setups where all devices are in close proximity. The cable is truly ultra high speed, its transfer rate is  up to 48 Gbit/s, providing clear, resistance-free transmission for all the latest 4K, OLED, HD and 3D TV and other supported devices. It can also deliver high quality lag free experience to the newest Xbox and Play Station 5 and 4.

It has 28AWG copper cables which are double shielded to prevent electromagnetic interference. This product is ready to plug and play right out of the package.  You can Watch Apple TV, or can stream UHD content from your laptop with this UHD High-Speed HDMI Cable. This is probably the best hdmi cable for 4k hdr gaming considering its amazing performance.

5. Syncwire HDMI Cable For 4K Smart TV – Best Value For The Money

Syncwire HDMI Cable 4K HDMI Cord 4.9 Feet High...
  • Flawless and lighting-fast transmission: gold-plated,...
  • Deep colors and high-resolution images: providing you with...
  • Hd audio: transmitting high-resolution sound formats (such...
  • Universal compatibility: Compatible with all HDMI, HDMI 2.0...

Last update on 2022-05-21 / Amazon Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Affiliate, i earn from qualifying Purchase

  • Suitable for 4K, 3D, Standard HD and HD streaming
  • Built to withstand constant bending
  • Lightning fast transmission
  • Gold plated, corrosion resistant connector
  • Average Quality Control

Syncwire may be bucking the trend somewhat with a 6.5-ft cable, but this is one of the best hdmi cable for 4k tv aesthetically-pleasing available on the market, if that kind of thing matters to you. For optimal connectivity, lightning-fast transmissions, high compatibility, and minimal interference, accept no substitutes.

Syncwire HDMI cables are pretty good looking, efficient, comes with gold-plated connectors and triple-braided copper shielding to block interference. The cable is very flexible, well built and is compatible with all your HD and UHD products including Blu-ray, XBox One, 3D, 4K cable TV and more. It is also backward compatible with earlier devices that work with old HDMI standards such as v1.4 and v1.3.

This product is capable of achieving speed up to 18Gbps, ensuring good connectivity. It delivers flawless 48 bit color depth, 32 channel audio and is ideal for high-def, 3D gaming or enjoying your favorite 4K streaming content. The oxygen-free copper strands and the gold-plated connectors ensure long, effective life and the 3 year replacement guarantee makes this cable idea.

What to look for when buying HDMI Cable For 4K TV? (Buying Guide)

Look out for these things before making an purchase.

Build Quality

HDMI cables are composed of several components such as copper wire bundled together and wrapped in a casing. In this sense they’re all pretty much the same. What can impact performance is the gauge of those wires.

A good hdmi cable for 4K tv has atleast of 28AWG (American Wire Gauge) wires, which is pretty thin but they do fine job delivering HD content from the Blu-ray player to the HDTV 2-6 feet away there’s likely to be signal degradation in a 10’ long HDMI cable made from 28AWG. If you need a longer cable you’ll want something that is 26 or even 24AWG (smaller number = thicker wire). A 24AWG cable will deliver a clear signal twice as far as compared to 28AWG wire will.

Connector Material

Most of HDMI cables comes with pure copper or Gold platted connectors which can last much longer than the traditional steel quality connector. Gold platted connectors are prone to corrosion and can deliver high quality content without having any issue for longer period. Such cables also last longer than others.


An HDMI cable can deliver up to 48 GBps , more than transmission speed better the high quality content can be delivered. For example if you going to buy hdmi cable for 4K HDR Samsung smart tv then make sure to get at least of 48Gbps transmission speed cable. Most of cables comes with standard 18Gbps and can work fine with 4K tv but if you going to use HDR with 4K then better get the higher speed cable.


For most people their Blu-ray or cable box is in close proximity to their HDTV. So they aren’t going to need an HDMI cable that’s more than a few feet long at most. However, as we have just seen above, if you need a long HDMI cable of say 9 to 10 feet you’re going to have to make sure that it’s 26 or even 24AWG because a thinner cable that may be fine for 2 or 3 feet isn’t going to deliver over a distance of 9 or 10 feet.


Although the price of the HDMI cables might influence your decision when making a purchase, factors such as their functionality, features, length, the thickness should also be considered before buying this product. You do not want to buy another cable just because you bought a more cheaper one that turns out to be short for use with your 4K devices.

You should have a rough idea of the kind of hdmi cable you want for your 4K tv, how much length of the cable should be etc, as it will ease your task of choosing the right HDMI cable. You can then settle for any of the above recommended HDMI cables and make your order.

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