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Best Flash Drive For Storing Photos in 2021 – Top 5 Picks

As you know, cloud storage is becoming popular day by day, you can store all your photos on google photos cloud at high quality for  free, but there’s still no beating the speed and reliability of local storage. For quick and dead-simple transfer everything from your vacation photos to your office work files, HD Videos, keeping a flash drive around is a pretty smart idea. If you have a lot of photos and want to save in a portable, and safe place than you might going to need a best flash drive for storing photos and other important data or memories.

 If you are in a hurry, we would recommend you getting HooToo USB Flash Drive considering its 3 in 1 functionality and high compatibility.

Their are many amazing flash drives available in the market which are pretty reliable and comes from trusted brand on which you can store all you videos and pictures without having any difficulty. So, we are going to list some of the best portable memory sticks which you can use for storing all you memories.

Quick Comparison Of USB Flash Drives For Storing Photos

ProductRead SpeedWrite SpeedWarranty
Samsung Bar Plus USB For Photos300 MB/s30 MB/s5-Years
Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive For Storing Pictures150 MB/s25 MB/s5-Years
Samsung Duo Flash Drive300 MB/s40 MB/s5-Years
SanDisk iXpand For Storing Photos80 MB/s20 MB/s2-Years
HooToo 3 in 1 Flash Drive For Storing Photos80 MB/s30 MB/s18 Months

1. Samsung Bar Flash Drive For Storing Photos – Stylish Design

Samsung BAR Plus 128GB - 400MB/s USB 3.1 Flash...
  • Redefine everyday file transfers with speeds up to 400MB/s
  • Reliable and secure storage for your photos, videos, music,...
  • Rugged metal casing for durability with key ring to prevent...
  • Safeguard your data (Water proof, shock proof, magnet proof,...

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If you looking for a beautiful design memory stick for storing photos and videos, which is not that expensive either, can take any kind of abuse, and features above-average transfer speeds, this rugged model from Samsung is up to the challenge. The usb stick read speed is around 300 MB/s and write speed around 30 MB/s which is pretty amazing specially if you have too many high resolution photos cause you can transfer them in an instant.

This flash drive can store all your pictures or whatever you through into it with ease. Thanks to its amazing build quality, it is water resistant, shock resistant, magnets, X-rays, and temperature changes, and also it even backed up by a five-year warranty for peace of mind. Get it with 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of storage. A lanyard loop lets you connect it to anything to keep it from straying; it’s easy to lose outside a USB port.

  • Rugged Metal Casing Design
  • Water Damage Protection
  • USB 3.1 Supported
  • Great Reliability

  • No OTG Connector

2. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive – Amazing Portability

SanDisk 128GB Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 for Android...
  • Free up space on your Android Phone (Requires device with...
  • Back up photos, videos, and contacts
  • Retractable design with dual microUSB and USB 3.0 connectors
  • High-speed USB 3.0 performance with up to 150MB/s file...

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Sandisk Ultra Drive is another amazing thumb drive, recommended for smartphone photographers. This flash drive is called dual drive for a reason, on one side it has standard USB 3.1 port which can be inserted in any laptop or PC. But on the other end of this memory stick, it has OTG MicroUSB port which can be use to connect it with smartphone, can transfer all your pictures from you phone to this drive in an instant.

The flash drive has read speed of up to 150 MB/s and write speed of up to 25 MB/s. This device supports SanDisk memory management app which can be easily downloadable from playstore, using which you can easily transfer your photos or any other data from your phone to this memory device. 

  • Micro-USB OTG Supported
  • Retractable Design
  • SanDisk Memory Zone App Support

  • Average Transfer Speed

3. Samsung Duo Flash Drive For Storing Pictures

Samsung Duo Plus 128GB - 400MB/s USB 3.1 Flash...
  • TWO FLASH DRIVES IN ONE: Cable-free Samsung DUO Plus 2-in-1...
  • QUICK AND CONVENIENT READ SPEEDS: Redefine everyday file...
  • DOUBLE YOUR CONNECTIVITY: One flash drive for many devices...
  • BUILT TO LAST RELIABILITY: Shock proof flash drive is also...

Last update on 2022-05-21 / Amazon Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Affiliate, i earn from qualifying Purchase

This is another great usb drive especially for photographers from Samsung. The memory stick comes with clean metallic design which is pretty amazing to look and also metal adds more durability to this product. The device comes with NAND flash technology, having read speed of up to 300 MB/s and write speed of up to 40 MB/s. It supports usb 3.0 technology ensuring faster data transfer speed

This flash drive other end has micro-C OTG connector using which you can connect it to your smartphone device which have Type-C port such as Samsung S10 or OnePlus 8 etc, also you can connect this device with your macbook pro too as well, thus making it ideal for storing photos. This thumb drive also comes with 5-years limited warranty.

  • USB Type-C Connector Supported
  • Amazing Read Speed
  • Shock Proof & Temperature Proof
  • Upto 5-Years Warranty

  • Average Write Speed

4. SanDisk iXpand Memory Stick – Recommended For iPhone

SanDisk 128GB iXpand Flash Drive Go for iPhone and...
  • Easily free up space on your iPhone (iPhone 5, iPhone 5c,...
  • Automatically back up your photos and videos (iXpand Drive...
  • Shoot videos directly onto the iXpand Drive, freeing up...
  • Quickly move your content from your iXpand Drive to your...

Last update on 2022-05-21 / Amazon Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Affiliate, i earn from qualifying Purchase

If you are an iPhone lover who captures each memory from this device then this flash drive i especially for you. SanDisk iXpand usb flash drive is ideal for iPhone photographers because it comes with lighting port support and you can directly insert this usb in your iphone or ipad and can transfer all your memories directly to it.

The flash drive speed is up to 80 MB/s and write speed up to 20 MB/s. This memory stick also supports SanDisk memory zone file management app and can auto backup all your photos from your phone to this flash drive. As stated on manufacturer website, thumb drive also comes with all major protections such as overheating, X-Ray and shock resistance. 

  • Lightening Connector
  • Supports both iPad & iPhone 
  • USB 3.0 Speed
  • Automatically Backup Photos

  • Some Privacy Issues

5. HooToo USB Flash Drive For Photos – Best Overall

HooToo is a universal memory stick, recommended for storing pictures. This USB drive has 3 in 1 functionality making it one of the best high compatibility flash drive for saving all your photos and other data. The flash drive comes with one Mi-Certified Lightning connector, one USB Type-C and one USB Type-A Connector. The drive can work with any kind of device such as iPhone, Android Smartphone, MacBook Pro, Laptop, PC. The memory stick has metallic design which makes it durable and increase its longevity.

Talking about performance, flash drive USB 3.1 has read speed of up to 80 MB/s and write speed of up to 30 MB/s. Additionally, it also supports automatic backup functionality which you can set up easily using U-Hub app. You can connect this flash drive to your smartphone, capture photos and it will store all those taken pictures automatically in the drive. The USB drive comes with 18-months of warranty, just go to their website, register your product. 

  • 3 in 1 Functionality
  • Auto Backup Support
  • Zinc Alloy Body

  • Read Speed Could Have Been Better

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