Best Electric Shaver For Heavy Beard in 2020 | Top 5 Picks

As you know, there are many ways from that technology has improved our lives, the electric shaver stands out for male grooming. Over time, technological advancement have allowed the best electric razors to deliver an experience almost as satisfying as a traditional manual razor shave. Today, more and more men are choosing an electric shaver, especially over an manual razor for its convenience and ease of use.  Although normal razors do still provide the most closest shave, but electric shavers have advanced to a very close second. Considering ease of use of these electric shavers many men even those who have heavy beard preferred electric shaver over manual one.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Choice
Braun Electric Razor for Men With Precision Beard...
Best All Rounder
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men, 5 Blades...
Best Budget
Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric...
Braun Electric Razor for Men With Precision Beard...
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men, 5 Blades...
Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric...
Best Choice
Braun Electric Razor for Men With Precision Beard...
Braun Electric Razor for Men With Precision Beard...
Best All Rounder
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men, 5 Blades...
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men, 5 Blades...
Best Budget
Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric...
Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric...

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On top of that, the time saving and their skin friendly natures of these electric razors, make them a worthy choice for the modern man. In this post, we’ll provide thorough reviews of the 5 best electric razors for heavy beard available to men today, as well as discuss what to look when going to purchase this product.

1. Braun Series 9 9290cc – Best Electric Shaver For Heavy Beard

Braun Electric Razor for Men With Precision Beard...
  • World’s most efficient electric shaver . Efficient, close...
  • Best efficiency: 5 shaving elements get more hair in one...
  • Best for gentleness: sonic vibrations glide over your skin...
  • Use wet or dry. Now with 20% more battery power

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The Braun Series 9 is a range of premium cordless electric shavers that provide a flawless close shave as gently as possible. They claim to get more hair in one stroke than any other shaver can. They also claim to be very skin-friendly by providing maximum comfort. It is a premium shaver that provides men having heavy beard with an efficient shaving experience. It has advance micro-vibration technology along with a ten-direction flexible shaving head that helps cut even the most stubborn, thick hair.

This electric razor comes with advance sonic technology helps create 10,000 micro vibrations that form a cushion for the shaver to easily glide across the whole face, making shaving more efficient and so much comfortable. It also comes with five synchronized shaving elements.

This includes two high quality trimmers that enable the shaver to cut even the most stubborn beard. This electric shaver also comes with Opti-Foils, that are ultra thin along with one skin guard, which ensures a smooth shaving experience, especially for heavy beard men.

This product takes about an hour to fully charge itself and its battery lasts equally long at about 52 minutes. It also comes with a charging station that can automatically lubricate and can clean this shaver while it is charging. This electric shaver can last up to 7 years.

  • Ease of use, convenient, user friendly design
  • Longer battery life
  • LED display indicator
  • You need to dry shaver for automatic cleaning to work
  • A little pricey
  • Have pretty large head so its difficult to reach some areas like under nose

2. Philips Norelco 9700 Electric Shaver – Best For Wet Skin

Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 with SmartClean,...
  • Designed for a close shave in mind, Philips Norelco Shaver...
  • Each shaving head independently moves in 8 directions to...
  • Choose the speed setting that best fits your skin and hair...
  • Shave wherever and however you'd like. Facial cleansing...

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Philips Norelco is another cordless high-end electric razor that comes in attractive packaging with a sleek design and perfect finish. It is a hassle free shaver with quite perfect precision to glide along the shape of your face. If you like a good rotary razor with exceptional results than this one should be your pick. It also comes with a cleaning cartridge and Smart-Clean technology. In addition to that, it comes with a Smart-Click cleansing brush that smoothly cleans your face.

This electric shaver uses cutting edge Ultra Sharp V-Track Precision Blades that are made to cut hair of any length, making it ideal for thick or heavy beards. As advertised, these blades can cut hair 30% more closer to the skin. It also has 8-directional face structure detecting heads to reach every place and corner of the face and neck. With this technology, the company claim that the shaver will possibly can catch 20% more hair in just a single pass, resulting in an extremely smooth shave which leaves the skin soft and quite clean.

This product comes with a Smart-Clean PLUS system for automatic cleaning. It lubricates, cleans, and dries the shaver, ensuring its quality and longevity. This product also has an advanced LCD display that lights up as soon as you hold it. It shows the cleaning indicator, lock indicator, battery status and replacement head indicator.

This electric shaver can fully charge itself within an hour, and allowing it to run for up to 58 minutes without any interruptions. It also comes with Quick Charge functionality, you can charge this product pretty fast using this technology. Quick Charge is pretty useful when you are in a hurry.

  • Advance contour detecting technology for close shave
  • Display lights on contact
  • Sleek cordless design
  • Smart Clean Technology
  • V-Track precision blades for smooth shave
  • LED display indicator
  • Need to remove the shaving head if wanted to use trimmer
  • A little costly
  • Cleaning brush quality not great

3. Panasonic Arc5 – Best All-Round Electric Shaver

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men, 5 Blades...
  • 5-Blade Shaving System for a Close Shave: The Panasonic five...
  • Efficient, Hyper-Performance Linear Motor: Ultra-fast linear...
  • Shave Sensor and Multi-Flex Shaver Head: Intelligent sensor...
  • Wet/Dry Operation and Built-in Trimmer: Conveniently shave...

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Panasonic Arc5 is one of the best premium cordless electric shaver that promises a smooth and easy shave experience. It is a traditional foil shaver, and Panasonic really did well this time by spending time on developing the best shaving technology. In the package of this product, you will get the shaver, blade pouch, travel pouch and an AC charging adapter. For maintaining the quality of this razor , you only need to replace the outer foil and the inner blade once a year.

It also has an LCD display screen on its handle so that the user can easily read the status of their product. It contains 3 different foils: Finishing, Lift-Tech and Slit Blade. The First one works at the end to cut the hair that was left out by the others, ensuring a smooth shave and soft results. The Lift-Tech one has reverse-tapered edges that can cut thick heavy hair lying flat on the skin. The Slit Blade Foil is for cutting long length hair and for beards to keep them at the desired length.

The Arc5 shaving system has high quality 5 ultra-thin and ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that have a 30-degree angle providing very close shave to the user. It has a high performing 14,000 cpm linear motor, which provides efficient and fast shaving.

This electric shaver comes with advance active shave sensor technology, which can detect the type of heavy beard, skin texture and density. It can then manage the reducing the power accordingly to give you a close shave without any threat of being skin cuts. This product can be used with charging station that offers one-touch cleaning and charging, which keeps the shaver clean, dry and ready to use for the next close shave. It takes about one hour to fully charge itself and can last up to 40 minutes.

  • Quit compact and easy carry, great for travelling
  • One-Touch automatic self cleaning technology
  • Includes both wet and dry options
  • Convenient and efficient design, easy to use
  • Battery backup is less as compared to braun razors
  • In some cases, it can cause irritation to very sensitive skin
  • pretty tricky to use on some areas such as above lips area

4. Remington F5-5800 – Best Budget Foil Electric Shaver For Heavy Beard

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men's Electric...
  • Pivot and Flex Foil Technology Stays close to skin for...
  • Rechargeable battery 60 minutes of cordless runtime.To clean...
  • Pop up Detail Trimmer For finishing touches on your facial...
  • Easy to Clean Washable under the faucet; Charging time 2...

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Remington F5 is a very affordable electric shaver that promises to provide a smooth experience for your thick beard. It has an easy on and off button and is available in multiple colors too. It works pretty well on sensitive skin too as well. If you are looking for a good foil shaver in an budget price, this one would definitely fit the criteria.

This product has amazing Intercept shaving technology that cuts the longer hair with ease, which is called pre-trimming, before the two foils can give an clean and comfortable shave by cutting the shorter hair close to the face skin.

It also has Pivot and Flex Foil technology which allows the shaving head to adjust to the structure of the face in order to maintain close contact when shaving above the lips, or the neck. It also has LED display screen which shows the battery status, makes its usage all the more convenient than many other electric razors.

This product takes approx 1.5 hour to full charge it self and can be used for up to 60 mins of cordless shaving. You can even quickly charge it for 5 minutes for a quick hurry shave. Plus, if you don’t want to keep charging it, you can use it with a cord too as well.

  • Battery life of up to 60 mins
  • 5-min Quick Charge Feature
  • Can be used with or without cord
  • Comfortable to use, provides close shave
  • Don’t have wet or dry function
  • Replacement foils are pretty expensive

5. Braun Series 3 – Best Value For The Money

Braun Electric Series 3 Razor with Precision...
  • 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements for efficiency and...
  • Specialized micro comb captures more hair in each stroke*...
  • 2 rechargeable long-life NiMH batteries
  • Wet&dry shaver for use with water, foam or gel

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This product is another great electric razor which provides extreme comfort and a close shave with its straight, intuitive strokes. It promises to give a safe and faster shave with the help of its Micro Comb technology. Even on 3-day beards, its Senso Foil and triple action cutting system technology delivers a comfortable shaving experience, which leaves the skin pretty smooth and clean.

This shaver has three synchronized shaving elements that work together to provide a smooth yet close shave. It also has Senso Foil which protects the skin from the sharp blades of the shaver. Also, its pressure-sensitive blades provide a comfortable shave and automatically retract to protect the skin cuts.

The Braun ProSkin 3040s also has a built-in precision head that’s thin enough to make it easier to reach at very difficult areas such as under the nose or chin. Another plus is that the ProSkin 3040s is 100% waterproof and can be used in both wet and dry shaving. You can use it in the shower or can use it with your favorite shave cream to get an even smoother shave. It’s also easy to clean because you can simply run it under tap water and done.

The shaver has a NiMH battery that supplies 45 minutes of runtime on a single charge. It also has a five minute quick charge technology that provides enough power for one quick shave. Meanwhile, an LED indicator lets you know when it’s time to charge the razor.

  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Affordable price
  • Good for daily usage
  • Need to clean it manually
  • Not good for long hairs which lies flat on skin

Things To Consider Before You Buy an Electric Shaver For Heavy Beards: (Buying Guide)

You should keep these things in mind before going for a purchase.

I. Rotary or Foil:

One of the important decisions you’ll make when buying an electric shaver is whether it’s rotary or foil.

Rotary shavers have circular blades and three round shaving heads. They’re generally better for those men whose facial skin is normal or a bit on the tough side. They’re also good for medium to heavy beard densities.
Foil shavers have a thin curved metal foil that covers the hair cutting blades. They work best when you move them in straight, back and forth lines across your face or neck.

II. Wet or Dry Use

Some electric shavers are safe to use in the shower, or with your favorite shaving cream or gel. An advantage of shaving in the shower is that the warm water softens mustache to make them easier to shave.

Also men with very sensitive skin may find that shaving with gels and creams is easier on the skin and causes less irritation than dry shaving.

While wet shavers generally are cordless, make sure that the one you purchase is safe to use with gels and shaving creams that may damage the charging or cleaning units.

III. Cord or Cordless

Another important factor to consider when buying an electric razor is that what kind of power supply it has. Some shavers are battery-powered and comes with a plug-in charging unit, while others utilize a cord that provides a constant supply of power.

Many men like the convenience of cordless razors cause they offer more freedom of movement, but battery powered products must be charged from time to time. The amount of shaving time possible on a full charge varies by product to product, and it’s something to pay close attention to when you’re buying a new electric razor.

Another thing to consider is if the razor has a quick-charge function then it would be a plus point. Quick charge is an feature in which you charge it for five to ten minutes (when the battery runs down) to get enough juice for a single full shave.

A shaver that has a cord provides an unlimited source of power. You have to face that with a power cord, have less freedom of movement than you do with a cordless razor, but you don’t have to worry about the battery getting dead in the middle of a shave.

IV. Maintenance Requirements

The ease of cleaning is also something to consider. In general, foil shavers are easier to clean than rotary models, while many electric shavers especially particularly the high-end ones come with a built-in cleaning unit. Some cleaning units even disinfect the razor.

V. Blades

A high-quality electric shaver comes with multiple blade options that help you to get a close and smooth shave every time. Another factor to consider is blade speed; the faster the blades moves or rotates, the better the shave will be. The electric razor blade speed measure in cycles per minute (CPM), and the fastest razors can reach up to 14,000 CPMs.

VI. Ergonomics

A razor that’s comfortable to hold and easy to move around your face is great for smooth shave. That said, pay attention to how a razor feels in your hand before you purchase one. A shaver that another user finds comfortable to hold may not feel the same to you.

VII. Accessories

Most electric razors have a variety of accessories that come with your purchase, including a cleaning brush, oil, trimmer, clip etc. A trimmer is valuable in many ways, including that you can use it to shape your sideburns, trim off thick long hairs, and more.

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