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Apple To Launch Three 5G Supported iPhones In 2020

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Apple 5G iPhones in 2020

Apple is going to introduce three iPhones with 5G in 2020 together with edge screen and latest processor.

iPhone with 5G could be expected to launch in year 2020. According to Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is making preparations to launch at least three phones having next generation of wireless technology, in 2020. The report states that all three iPhones will come together with an edge screen and the most advanced chipset.

According to the report, the important takeaway is maybe the upcoming iPhones in 2020 will come with a 5G modem by Qualcomm Inc. Apple and Qualcomm resolved their royalty dispute over chipset (modem) patent payments, earlier this year.

5G iPhones 2020

According to the Nikkei report, all three upcoming iPhones will evidently use Qualcomm’s new X55 5G modems. Formerly, Ming-Chi Kuo, a trustworthy Apple analyst also declared that iPhones launching in 2020 will have 5-G.

Moreover, Apple’s workers think that 5G will play a critical part in forming the future of iPhones. With decreasing sales of iPhone time to time, an iPhone having next generation technology could increase sales in the big smartphone markets.

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According to a different Bloomberg report, the publication declared that Apple will launch about 200 million iPhones in 2020. The most challenging market for Apple products is in China, so a 5-G enable iPhone is demanded to compete with the native smartphone players of China like Xiaomi, Oppo etc. Smartphones with 5G are steadily boosting in the socialist country and that number will only increase next year.

Additionally, in China, Huawei, Xiaomi, and ZTE already provided 5G enabled smartphones. Anyhow, in the entire smartphone consignments, the sale of 5-G smartphones is seemingly less than 0.9 percent. Apple comes in the top five smartphone manufacturers in China. These 5G iPhones can hugely boost their sales.

On Wednesday, Apple released its fourth financial income, thumping assumptions of analysts. With $33.42 billion in income, the iPhone carries on to be the moneymaker of Apple. Apple also previously reveals unit sales of iPhone.

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